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On that multitask shit. #workflow

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So I splurged a bit in NYC. The self-titled by @moderat_band, ‘Ten Tigers’ and ‘Black Sands’ by @si_bonobo, ‘Comfort’ by @maya_mjc, ‘Motion’ by The Cinematic Orchestra, and ‘Roseland NYC Live’ by fucking Portishead. Shoutout to @other_music for having a baller selection. #music #vinyl #bonobo #moderat #mayajanecoles #thecinematicorchestra #portishead

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big shout out to my teen years on the internet. 

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Artichoke pizza. Mmmm. (at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery)

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Hey look where we are! (at Nintendo World)

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#livelaughlove (at The Gatsby Project)

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at Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive

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New York Noms. (at Gaia Italian Cafe)

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In case y’all were wondering what the inside of an iPad looks like.

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When I posted this giveaway a month ago, I hadn’t planned to be in London on the 31st of July (the original closing date of this giveaway) and I am unable to select the winners until I get home later in the week. Due to this, I am extending the giveaway by just over a week and the winners will now be selected on Saturday 9th August.

Don’t miss out! This is your last chance to enter! ^___^ xox


YAY!!! I cannot believe it, but I have reached a phenomenal 50,000 followers (now 55,555)! That’s 49,500 more than I ever hoped to have, hehe, and to celebrate and say thank you for your unbelievable support, I want to give a little something back.

There will be three lucky winners who will each win one of these prizes…

The large Oh-Totoro (grey) plushie.

The medium Chu-Totoro (blue) plushie.

The small Chibi-Totoro (white) plushie.

All three of these plushies are genuine Japanese merchandise and feature the official “Approved by Studio Ghibli” sticker, so are very high quality! ^___^


1. You must be following oh-totoro
     - I will check this after making the draw and redraw if necessary.
2. You must reblog this post.
     - Each reblog counts as an entry. You may reblog once per day.
3. You must be willing to give me your postal address.
     - Well, this should be obvious.
4. A photo of each winner with their prize would be greatly appreciated so I can reblog it to oh-totoro, but this is not a requirement.


SATURDAY 9th AUGUST 2014 (and will be announced a week later)

I will contact the three winners on this date and give them 48 hours to respond to my Ask. If I don’t receive a response, I will nudge up those who have responded and redraw the lowest prize. This will also be the case if Asks are not enabled. Make sure your Asks are enabled!


Anybody can enter. I will post to any country. So don’t miss out!

Good luck! x

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Hayao Miyazaki

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